Codycross Science Lab Group 301 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: 16th US President And One States Capital
Solution: Lincoln

Question: A Social Blunder
Solution: Faux pas

Question: Actor Fred Was Ginger Rogers Dance Partner
Solution: Astaire

Question: Bruce Willis Stars In This Action Classic
Solution: Die hard

Question: Cancels Out Counterbalances
Solution: Offsets

Question: Date A Company Organization School Started
Solution: Founded

Question: Diving To Ground In Attempt To Make It To Base
Solution: Sliding

Question: Energy And Strength Shown Over A Long Time
Solution: Stamina

Question: Killing A Dragon
Solution: Slaying

Question: Least Turbulent
Solution: Calmest

Question: Michelangelo Painted Its Ceiling Chapel
Solution: Sistine

Question: Neptune Satellite Nymph Loved By Polyphemus
Solution: Galatea

Question: Play By Oscar Wilde The Importance Of Being
Solution: Earnest

Question: Southernmost Scandinavian Country
Solution: Denmark

Question: Term For A Vascular Land Plant Such As A Spruce
Solution: Conifer

Question: The O In IMHO In My Humble
Solution: Opinion

Question: The Moon Covers The Sun In This Pink Floyd Song
Solution: Eclipse

Question: What Rick Calls Zombies In The Walking Dead
Solution: Walkers

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