Codycross Planet Earth Group 9 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: Commandment Bat And Bar In Judaism
Solution: Mitzvah

Question: A Work Of Art Created On Three Connected Panels
Solution: Triptych

Question: Animal Skin Shoes Worn By The Inuit
Solution: Mukluks

Question: Arizona Capital Risen From The Ashes
Solution: Phoenix

Question: Blood Sucking Parasites
Solution: Leeches

Question: Book To Write Down Your Own Thoughts
Solution: Journal

Question: Broadway Musical And Movie Filled With ABBA Songs
Solution: Mamma mia

Question: Clear Coating Applied To Wood
Solution: Lacquer

Question: Cooking Method Of First Searing And Then Simmering
Solution: Braising

Question: Emery Board
Solution: Nail file

Question: English Monarch Who Signed The Magna Carta
Solution: King john

Question: Food Serving Sizes
Solution: Portions

Question: In A Summed Up Briefly
Solution: Nutshell

Question: Indian Gravity Knife
Solution: Rampuri

Question: Instant Photo Camera Invented By Edwin Land
Solution: Polaroid

Question: Japanese Empty Orchestra Singing Contest
Solution: Karaoke

Question: Ocean On The East Of Floridas Coast
Solution: Atlantic

Question: Pink Lotion That Relieves Itchy Or Irritated Skin
Solution: Calamine

Question: Spanish Artist Suspected Of Stealing The Mona Lisa
Solution: Picasso

Question: Spring Summer Fall And Winter
Solution: Seasons

Question: Strong Australian Marsupial With A Long Tail
Solution: Kangaroo

Question: Subatomic Particle Found In The Nucleus Of An Atom
Solution: Neutron

Question: The Evil Queen Sends This Man To Kill Snow White
Solution: Huntsman

Question: The Lion Sleeps
Solution: Tonight

Question: The Collapsed Core Of A Large Star
Solution: Neutron

Question: The Spice Of Life
Solution: Variety

Question: To Endure Something Like A Surgery
Solution: Undergo

Question: To Make Easier To Do Or Understand
Solution: Simplify

Question: Totalitarian Movement Started In Italy During WWI
Solution: Fascism

Question: Towering Nemesis Of Marvels Fantastic Four
Solution: Galactus

Question: Traditional Sushi Is Wrapped In Edible
Solution: Seaweed

Question: Trail Blazer
Solution: Pioneer

Question: Under TV Show Based On A Stephen Kings Book
Solution: The dome

Question: Crowe Actor Known For The Gladiator Movie
Solution: Russell

Question: Tell Swiss Folk Hero With A Crossbow
Solution: William

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