Codycross Planet Earth Group 9 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: Art Garfunkels Singing Partner
Solution: Paul simon

Question: Bristly Item Often Used By Women
Solution: Hairbrush

Question: Bristly Item Used To Comb Tresses
Solution: Hairbrush

Question: Cat Styled As The Gentle Giant
Solution: Mainecoon

Question: Everybody In The Whole Jailhouse Rock Lyric
Solution: Cell block

Question: ICU Care Unit
Solution: Intensive

Question: Largest City In The State Of North Carolina
Solution: Charlotte

Question: Maker Of Whisky
Solution: Distiller

Question: Mesopotamian Rivers Tigris And
Solution: Euphrates

Question: Minerals Used In Bathing Water
Solution: Bath salts

Question: Not Always
Solution: Sometimes

Question: One Billionth Of A Metre
Solution: Nanometre

Question: Plastic Surgery For Your Love Handles
Solution: Tummy tuck

Question: Pulverised Minerals Used In Bathing Water
Solution: Bath salts

Question: Rather Than All Of The Time
Solution: Sometimes

Question: Skin Or Outer Layer Of Cells
Solution: Epidermis

Question: Song Featured In The Movie Breakfast At Tiffanys
Solution: Moon river

Question: Sturdy Table Used For Carpentry And Other Tasks
Solution: Workbench

Question: Tables And Chairs And Other Household Decor Items
Solution: Furniture

Question: The King Of Reggae And Most Famous Jamaican Singer
Solution: Bob marley

Question: Tiny Blood Vessel In The Body
Solution: Capillary

Question: To Arrange The Parts And Systems In A Computer
Solution: Configure

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