Codycross Planet Earth Group 9 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Water Or Food Container For Horses
Solution: Trough

Question: Anatomical Term For Womb
Solution: Uterus

Question: Charm With Magic Powers To Keep Evil Away
Solution: Amulet

Question: Corned Beef Sandwich With Russian Dressing
Solution: Reuben

Question: Device Fitted To A Car So It Can Pull A Trailer
Solution: Towbar

Question: Even Toed Ungulates
Solution: Camels

Question: Formal And Dignified Somber
Solution: Solemn

Question: Fulfill A Request
Solution: Oblige

Question: Madams
Solution: Ladies

Question: Native Of The Only UN State Starting With A Q
Solution: Qatari

Question: Oriental Lizard An Ornate Lizard Found In Asia
Solution: Garden

Question: Period Of Time After The Present
Solution: Future

Question: Pick Someones Means To Find Out All They Know
Solution: Brains

Question: Pull On These To Extract Milk
Solution: Udders

Question: Reflection Ratio For Earths Atmosphere Or Surface
Solution: Albedo

Question: Repetitive Adieu
Solution: Bye bye

Question: Scandinavian Nation Known For Its Fjords
Solution: Norway

Question: The New NYCs Culture Magazine
Solution: Yorker

Question: The Movie With Buster Keaton
Solution: Garage

Question: They Explore The Underground
Solution: Cavers

Question: They Will Never Be Among The Winners
Solution: Losers

Question: To Feel Fear Be Scared Of Apprehensive
Solution: Afraid

Question: Utensil That Skins Fruits And Vegetables
Solution: Peeler

Question: What Americans Call Castrated Bulls
Solution: Steers

Question: Will Smith The Fresh Of Bel Air
Solution: Prince

Question: Hill Refugee Who Was Miseducated
Solution: Lauryn

Question: The Sailor Loves Spinach And Olive Oyl
Solution: Popeye

Question: Will Directive For Care If Incapacitated
Solution: Living

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