Codycross Planet Earth Group 9 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Month With 31 Days
Solution: October

Question: Army Sharpshooters
Solution: Snipers

Question: Bill For Services Or Goods
Solution: Invoice

Question: Crude Painters
Solution: Daubers

Question: French City Where The Antipopes Were Based
Solution: Avignon

Question: Game Played With Balls Mallets And Wickets
Solution: Croquet

Question: Ghetto Large Portable Audio Unit Of The 1980s
Solution: Blaster

Question: Good Will Stars Matt Damon
Solution: Hunting

Question: Grassy Area To Feed Livestock
Solution: Pasture

Question: Hurt
Solution: Wounded

Question: Kaiser Led Germany Into World War I
Solution: Wilhelm

Question: Loudspeakers For Low Frequencies No Dogs
Solution: Woofers

Question: Medication In Pill Form Usually Oblong
Solution: Capsule

Question: Mobile Phone Brand With One Touch Model
Solution: Alcatel

Question: Most Popular Type Of Lettuce
Solution: Iceberg

Question: Popular Party Appetizer Pigs In A
Solution: Blanket

Question: Sea Animal Known For Its Eight Limbs
Solution: Octopus

Question: Seven Star Group Also Called The Pleiades
Solution: Sisters

Question: Small Car
Solution: Compact

Question: Someone Attending School Pupil
Solution: Student

Question: Someone Who Has Permanently Left Employment
Solution: Retiree

Question: Telling Someone About Danger
Solution: Warning

Question: The Background To A Stage Play The Setting
Solution: Scenery

Question: Walter Scott Novel That Boosted The Middle Ages
Solution: Ivanhoe

Question: Where Families Of Porcines Live
Solution: Pigpens

Question: Woman Who Inherits A Lot Of Money Property
Solution: Heiress

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