Codycross Planet Earth Group 9 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Hair Is Where Hair Grows From
Solution: Follicle

Question: After Effects Of A Night Of Drinking
Solution: Hangover

Question: Airline With Minimal Luxury Lacking Flounces
Solution: No frills

Question: Batted Ball That Rolls On The Ground
Solution: Grounder

Question: Collection Of Information For A Business
Solution: Database

Question: Crackers Aquatic Animal
Solution: Goldfish

Question: Device To Control A Character In A Computer Game
Solution: Joystick

Question: Freshwater Rhipidistian Fish Within Dipnoi Class
Solution: Lungfish

Question: Large Unit Of Military Ground Forces
Solution: Regiment

Question: Main Gas In Jupiter
Solution: Hydrogen

Question: Mnemophobia Is The Fear Of From Your Past
Solution: Memories

Question: Most Serious Form Of Skin Cancer
Solution: Melanoma

Question: Place For Medical Care Surgery Emergency
Solution: Hospital

Question: Ryan Canadian Deadpool Actor
Solution: Reynolds

Question: Ryan Actor Who Played Deadpool Green Lantern
Solution: Reynolds

Question: Small Type Of Orange Sweeter Than The Regular Ones
Solution: Mandarin

Question: Title Of Nobility Female
Solution: Baroness

Question: To Feel That All Faith Is Gone
Solution: Hopeless

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