Codycross Planet Earth Group 8 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: Anagram Of Pieces
Solution: Specie

Question: Annie Antagonist In S Kings Misery
Solution: Wilkes

Question: Any Set Of Numbers To Be Summated
Solution: Addend

Question: Bruce Wayne Caped Crusader Dark Knight
Solution: Batman

Question: Cake Made Pouring Batter With A Conical Object
Solution: Funnel

Question: Drink Named After The Spanish City Of Jerez
Solution: Sherry

Question: Happening Annually
Solution: Yearly

Question: Heath The Joker In The Dark Knight
Solution: Ledger

Question: Hercule Christies Belgian Mastermind Sleuth
Solution: Poirot

Question: Horses Used For Riding
Solution: Steeds

Question: How High Or Tall Something Is
Solution: Height

Question: Jose Tequila Company Mexicos Oldest Business
Solution: Cuervo

Question: Just A Small Degree Or Amount Slender
Solution: Slight

Question: List Of A Teams Players
Solution: Roster

Question: Long Journey By Sea
Solution: Voyage

Question: Of Inconsistent Quality Not Evenly Covered
Solution: Patchy

Question: One Two My Shoe Childrens Counting Song
Solution: Buckle

Question: Primate Eg Howler Macaque
Solution: Monkey

Question: Prince Harry Duke Of
Solution: Sussex

Question: Punish Someone Who Has Harmed You
Solution: Avenge

Question: Red Fruit Usually Mistaken For A Vegetable
Solution: Tomato

Question: Sissy Actress Who Played Carrie In 1976
Solution: Spacek

Question: Stevie Sang I Just Called To Say I Love You
Solution: Wonder

Question: The Ectomobile Was Used For Hunting These
Solution: Ghosts

Question: The Capital Of Bahamas
Solution: Nassau

Question: Totos 1983 Number One Hit About A Continent
Solution: Africa

Question: Traditional Japanese Garment
Solution: Kimono

Question: US Independence Is Celebrated On This Day In July
Solution: Fourth

Question: Unable To Understand Written Words Not Aphasia
Solution: Alexia

Question: Gally Galley Ship Captured By Samuel Bellamy
Solution: Whydah

Question: Poker Plant With Flaming Flowers On Spikes
Solution: Red hot

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