Codycross Planet Earth Group 8 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: Car Ride On Tracks Coaster
Solution: Roller

Question: Compos Latin For Sane
Solution: Mentis

Question: Elon Musks Rocket Design And Manufacture Company
Solution: Spacex

Question: Engaged In Some Type Of Action Busy
Solution: Active

Question: Fu Asian Drooping Moustache Style
Solution: Manchu

Question: Meal Packed To Be Eaten Outdoors
Solution: Picnic

Question: Nation Ruled By A Powerful Sovereign
Solution: Empire

Question: Natives Of This Principality Cannot Gamble There
Solution: Monaco

Question: Number After Twenty Nine
Solution: Thirty

Question: Public Celebration On The Street
Solution: Parade

Question: Romance Language From Top Culinary Country
Solution: French

Question: School Of Hard Wisdom Gained By Experience
Solution: Knocks

Question: Second Son Of Queen Elizabeth II
Solution: Andrew

Question: Someone Who Runs A Sort Of Goods Store
Solution: Grocer

Question: Tan Light Brown Casual Pants Made Of Cotton
Solution: Khakis

Question: Typical South American Cape To Keep You Warm
Solution: Poncho

Question: Violent Encounter Between Military Forces
Solution: Battle

Question: Kitt Catwoman Actress Singer Dancer
Solution: Eartha

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