Codycross Planet Earth Group 8 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Politically Organized Region Ruled By A Monarch
Solution: Kingdom

Question: Bent Wire For Holding Back Tresses
Solution: Hairpin

Question: Chinese City Home To The 2008 Olympics
Solution: Beijing

Question: Dizzy Feeling Spinning Also A Hitchcock Film
Solution: Vertigo

Question: Force That Prevents Us From Floating Into Space
Solution: Gravity

Question: Ground Cereal Usually Crushed Steel Cut Or Rolled
Solution: Oatmeal

Question: Indian Soccer Player For Dempo Fernandes
Solution: Aniston

Question: Instruments That Are Strummed
Solution: Guitars

Question: King Of Depicted In Loves Labours Lost
Solution: Navarre

Question: McCartney Announced Beatles Break Up In 19
Solution: Seventy

Question: Provided Food At A Function
Solution: Catered

Question: Punished With A Fine Not Fixed By A Statute
Solution: Amerced

Question: Riding A Bike Takes A Good Sense Of
Solution: Balance

Question: Salad Device Used To Remove Excess Water
Solution: Spinner

Question: Sea Terror Roberto Clementes Pittsburgh Team
Solution: Pirates

Question: Someone Who Writes Articles About A Subject Online
Solution: Blogger

Question: Special Clothing Worn By Members Of A School Team
Solution: Uniform

Question: Stabbing Piercing
Solution: Knifing

Question: Stone That Allowed A Grasp Of Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Solution: Rosetta

Question: The Beatles Broke Up In This Year Nineteen
Solution: Seventy

Question: Very Vivid Purple Red Color
Solution: Fuchsia

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