Codycross Planet Earth Group 7 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A College Classic Drinking Game With Mini Balls
Solution: Beer pong

Question: A More Direct Alternative Route
Solution: Shortcut

Question: Believable Well Respected
Solution: Credible

Question: Chiropractors And Masseuses May Relieve This
Solution: Back pain

Question: Computer Key To Make Life Easier
Solution: Shortcut

Question: Furniture Piece With Shelves Used To Store Novels
Solution: Bookcase

Question: He Lives With The Lost Boys In Neverland
Solution: Peter pan

Question: Lower Jaw Bone
Solution: Mandible

Question: Lunar Phase When The Moon Is Totally Illuminated
Solution: Full moon

Question: Pasta Shaped As Small Curved Tubes
Solution: Macaroni

Question: Paul Thomas Director Of Magnolia
Solution: Anderson

Question: Small Wind Instrument With Whistle Mouthpiece
Solution: Recorder

Question: Something That Can Be Felt With Hands
Solution: Palpable

Question: Strait Separating Europe From Asia
Solution: Bosporus

Question: The Matrix Second Film In The Trilogy
Solution: Reloaded

Question: What You May Buy As Gift When Traveling
Solution: Souvenir

Question: Writer Of Music
Solution: Composer

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