Codycross Planet Earth Group 7 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: Considered Worlds Language For Business
Solution: English

Question: Eisenhowers Plan Connected The Country
Solution: Highway

Question: Extremely Intense Or Nervous
Solution: Jittery

Question: Generally Words With An Added S At The End
Solution: Plurals

Question: Heir Of Denethor II In The Lord Of The Rings
Solution: Boromir

Question: It Favors The Bold
Solution: Fortune

Question: Italian Painter And Architect Of The Renaissance
Solution: Raphael

Question: River That Washington DC Stands On
Solution: Potomac

Question: Someone Spacey
Solution: Airhead

Question: Someone Who Plays A Large Stringed Instrument
Solution: Harpist

Question: Starch From The Cassava Root A Pudding Flavor
Solution: Tapioca

Question: The Time HG Wells Masterpiece
Solution: Machine

Question: The Letter In Nathaniel Hawthornes Work
Solution: Scarlet

Question: This Can Be Caused By Peanuts Seafood Or Pollen
Solution: Allergy

Question: To Cut Or Separate Tissues For Study
Solution: Dissect

Question: When An Airplane Leaves The Ground To Fly
Solution: Take off

Question: Piano Standing Not A Grand
Solution: Upright

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