Codycross Planet Earth Group 7 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Branch Of The Christian Group
Solution: Mennonite

Question: A Collection Of An Artists Work
Solution: Portfolio

Question: A New And Exciting Experience
Solution: Adventure

Question: Aurora Lightshow Called The Southern Lights
Solution: Australis

Question: British Overseas Territory Near Spain
Solution: Gibraltar

Question: British King Who Had Six Wives Two Were Beheaded
Solution: Henry viii

Question: Edible Fruit That Looks Like A Red Blackberry
Solution: Raspberry

Question: Edible Fruit Popular Candy Gum Flavor
Solution: Raspberry

Question: Famous Get Out Of Trouble Knife Brand
Solution: Swiss army

Question: In Greek Sirens Lure Sailors To Their Death
Solution: Mythology

Question: Increase In Prices Reduction In Purchasing Power
Solution: Inflation

Question: Maze Fantasy Movie Starring David Bowie
Solution: Labyrinth

Question: Not Seeming Of This World Supernatural
Solution: Unearthly

Question: Outer Layer Of Cells Covering The Body
Solution: Epidermis

Question: Pulled Or Pressed Due To Unexpected Flames
Solution: Fire alarm

Question: She Was The One Who Invented The Miniskirt
Solution: Mary quant

Question: The Knife Is Produced By Victorinox
Solution: Swiss army

Question: The Flat Green Part Of Indias National Plant
Solution: Lotus leaf

Question: What Faith Can Move
Solution: Mountains

Question: Day Early February Celebration With Rodent
Solution: Groundhog

Question: Dish Receiver Of TV Signals From Space
Solution: Satellite

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