Codycross Planet Earth Group 7 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: Live From New York Its Night
Solution: Saturday

Question: Ann Patchett Book About Opera Hostage Situation
Solution: Bel canto

Question: Awful Terrifying
Solution: Horrific

Question: Bermuda Vanishing Geometry
Solution: Triangle

Question: Causing Great Fear Terror
Solution: Dreadful

Question: Culinary Term For Garnishing With Almonds
Solution: Amandine

Question: Fight Row Bicker
Solution: Squabble

Question: French National Day Medieval Prison In Paris
Solution: Bastille

Question: Gangstas Anthem Of 90s Pfeiffer Film
Solution: Paradise

Question: High Intensity Gym Class With Interval Training
Solution: Crossfit

Question: Home To A Gold Swimmer Before Being Flushed
Solution: Fish bowl

Question: Landlocked Country At Heart Of South America
Solution: Paraguay

Question: Literal Meaning Of Planet
Solution: Wanderer

Question: Nationality Of Film And TV Actor Leslie Nielsen
Solution: Canadian

Question: New York Police Procedural Show With 12 Seasons
Solution: Nypd blue

Question: Peaky 1920s Brum Hardmen With Naughty Hats
Solution: Blinders

Question: Philosopher Tried For Corrupting Greek Youths
Solution: Socrates

Question: Piazza Cathedral Square In Central Florence
Solution: Del duomo

Question: Process For Reproducing Shading In Print
Solution: Halftone

Question: Program Written Directly On Hardware
Solution: Firmware

Question: Small Fluffy Animal Who Collects Nuts For Winter
Solution: Squirrel

Question: Taking Large Swallows Of Drink Gulping
Solution: Quaffing

Question: Tennis Shot With Palm Racket Facing To The Front
Solution: Forehand

Question: The Mobster Who Spends Time With His Shrink
Solution: Sopranos

Question: Gross Austrian Doctor Convicted For His Crimes
Solution: Heinrich

Question: Where The Wind Comes Sweepin Down The Plain
Solution: Oklahoma

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