Codycross Planet Earth Group 6 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Lion Headed Monster That Breathes Fire
Solution: Chimera

Question: A Person Who Checks The Accuracy Of Accounts
Solution: Auditor

Question: A Sublime State Achieved In Buddhism
Solution: Nirvana

Question: Agreeing Silently Head Moving Up And Down
Solution: Nodding

Question: Alter Or Improve A Photo By Changing It Slightly
Solution: Retouch

Question: Beef And Pork Cooked Usually Lunchmeat
Solution: Bologna

Question: Big Reality Show About Contestants In A House
Solution: Brother

Question: Brightest Star In The Constellation Of Scorpius
Solution: Antares

Question: Cyberpunk Action Film Futuristic Detroit Officer
Solution: Robocop

Question: Dads Dad
Solution: Grandpa

Question: Flattening Removing Wrinkles From Clothes
Solution: Ironing

Question: Group Of Two Or More Computers
Solution: Network

Question: High Musical With Bing Crosby And Sinatra
Solution: Society

Question: Huge Gigantic Enormous
Solution: Immense

Question: Initiates A Cars Engine
Solution: Starter

Question: Island Nation In The African South Eastern Coast
Solution: Comoros

Question: Layered Pastry From Austria Filled With Sweets
Solution: Strudel

Question: Liquid Spread On Art To Dry Shiny
Solution: Varnish

Question: Looks Up To
Solution: Admires

Question: Month When Canadians Celebrate Thanksgiving
Solution: October

Question: OTC Over The Drug
Solution: Counter

Question: People Use Mascara To Enhance Each Of Them
Solution: Eyelash

Question: Punk Rock Pioneers
Solution: Ramones

Question: Rubber Bag Inflated With Air Or Helium
Solution: Balloon

Question: Scrutinise Be Overly Critical
Solution: Nitpick

Question: Slang For Premature Baby
Solution: Preemie

Question: Someone With An Attractive Engaging Personality
Solution: Charmer

Question: Sub Saharan African Pig With Tusks
Solution: Warthog

Question: Supply Of Weapons To Be Used
Solution: Arsenal

Question: Teenage Witch From Greendale
Solution: Sabrina

Question: The Or Sea Cow Is A Large Marine Mammal
Solution: Manatee

Question: Tracks And Locomotives Used For Transport
Solution: Railway

Question: Turns Upside Down
Solution: Inverts

Question: War Famed For The Charge Of The Light Brigade
Solution: Crimean

Question: Duncan US Innovator Dancer And Choreographer
Solution: Isadora

Question: Spears Me Against The Music Ft Madonna
Solution: Britney

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