Codycross Planet Earth Group 6 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: Add To A Bath To Stop Chickenpox Spots Itching
Solution: Oatmeal

Question: Beat Around To Skirt Around An Issue
Solution: The bush

Question: Doing As Youre Told Following Orders
Solution: Obeying

Question: Dwight Fictitious Beet Farmer
Solution: Schrute

Question: Emptying An Egg Of Its Contents For Decoration
Solution: Blowing

Question: Executive Branch Of Russian Government
Solution: Kremlin

Question: Feeling Of Being Unhappy
Solution: Sadness

Question: Fettuccine Is Often Covered By This White Sauce
Solution: Alfredo

Question: Hedgehog Like Animal Aka Spiny Anteater
Solution: Echidna

Question: Man Who Saw The Ghosts Of Christmas
Solution: Scrooge

Question: Mini Hawaiian Guitar
Solution: Ukulele

Question: Something That Occurs On Its Own Without Help
Solution: Natural

Question: Special Spanish Ham Jamon From Black Pigs
Solution: Iberico

Question: Street That Was The Center Of Swinging London
Solution: Carnaby

Question: The Capital Of Georgia The Country
Solution: Tbilisi

Question: Winter Summer Autumn And Spring
Solution: Seasons

Question: Yuri First Man To Travel In Outer Space
Solution: Gagarin

Question: Hart US Country Musician And Songwriter
Solution: Freddie

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