Codycross Planet Earth Group 6 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: Every Time A Bell Rings An Angel Gets
Solution: His wings

Question: 1996 American British Thriller Starring S Stallone
Solution: Daylight

Question: A Bulbous Perennial Herb Native To The Mediterranean
Solution: Hyacinth

Question: A Container For The Disposal Of Garbage
Solution: Trash can

Question: A Piece Of Garment Used By Men And Women
Solution: Raincoat

Question: Black Consumer Battery With Gold Top
Solution: Duracell

Question: Characterized By Or Showing A Vindictive Spirit
Solution: Vengeful

Question: Confectionary On A Stick For Sucking Or Licking
Solution: Lollipop

Question: Deflection Can Happen With Bullets
Solution: Ricochet

Question: Eyes 1999 Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidman Film
Solution: Wide shut

Question: Fan Club Magazines
Solution: Fanzines

Question: Fences Or Railings That Block Access
Solution: Barriers

Question: First Constitution The Of Confederation
Solution: Articles

Question: German Highway System With No Speed Limit
Solution: Autobahn

Question: Giant Beast Resembling An Elephant In The Bible
Solution: Behemoth

Question: Informal Name For Tornadoes
Solution: Twisters

Question: Introduced By Sega Sonic Is This Animal
Solution: Hedgehog

Question: Obstruction In The Lungs Is A Of The Airways
Solution: Blockage

Question: One Who Marries Again Before Getting A Divorce
Solution: Bigamist

Question: Pale Green Spice Pod Used In Indian Curries
Solution: Cardamom

Question: Parts Of A Book
Solution: Chapters

Question: Peter Is Tyrion Lannister In Game Of Thrones
Solution: Dinklage

Question: Popular TikTok Dance To Lottery By Rapper K Camp
Solution: Renegade

Question: Safety Canisters For Putting Out Fires
Solution: Hydrants

Question: Someone Who Is Skilled With Machines Appliances
Solution: Engineer

Question: Something Non Acidic
Solution: Alkaline

Question: St Marks Roman Catholic Cathedral In Venice
Solution: Basilica

Question: Stock Where Stocks Can Be Bought And Sold
Solution: Exchange

Question: TV Show With Slow Motion Lifeguards
Solution: Baywatch

Question: The Genus Of Peppers
Solution: Capsicum

Question: They Had The Gift Of Prophecy In Narnia
Solution: Centaurs

Question: Whole Finished
Solution: Complete

Question: Mellon PIttsburgh Uni Founded By Industrialist
Solution: Carnegie

Question: At The OK Corral Western With B Lancaster
Solution: Gunfight

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