Codycross Planet Earth Group 5 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: 1980 American Horror Film The 13th
Solution: Friday

Question: A Sandwich Short Of A Unintelligent
Solution: Picnic

Question: Boogie Form Of Swing Dance Related To The Blues
Solution: Woogie

Question: Citrusy In Character
Solution: Lemony

Question: Country Where Brie Cheese Originated
Solution: France

Question: Currency Note In The US
Solution: Dollar

Question: Currency Note In The United States
Solution: Dollar

Question: Etymological Meaning Of Geisha
Solution: Artist

Question: Fish That Blows Up When Threatened
Solution: Puffer

Question: Having Every Part Needed Complete Whole
Solution: Entire

Question: Healing Disease Or Illness
Solution: Curing

Question: In Grammar It Is A Verb That Functions As A Noun
Solution: Gerund

Question: Joseph English Polish Master Of Prose Style
Solution: Conrad

Question: Large Tropical Fruit With Pinkish Orange Flesh
Solution: Papaya

Question: No Salieri Didnt Kill Him
Solution: Mozart

Question: Older And Wiser
Solution: Mature

Question: Only American Country With Equator And A Tropic
Solution: Brazil

Question: Only Country With The Equator And A Tropic Line
Solution: Brazil

Question: Opposite Of Weak
Solution: Strong

Question: Produce An Effect Change Action
Solution: Affect

Question: Run Very Quickly
Solution: Sprint

Question: Tall Buildings Sometimes Crenelated
Solution: Towers

Question: The Bolshoi Ballet Is Based In This City
Solution: Moscow

Question: The Dog Star
Solution: Sirius

Question: These Public Transit Carriages Run On Railways
Solution: Trains

Question: To Get Away From Out Of A Restraint
Solution: Escape

Question: Where A Spring Or River Begins
Solution: Source

Question: Worn By Actors And Soldiers In Ancient Greece
Solution: Buskin

Question: Mouse Is One Of The First Disney Icons
Solution: Mickey

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