Codycross Planet Earth Group 5 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Practice To Learn Something
Solution: Lesson

Question: Anything That Involves Or Pertains To The Universe
Solution: Cosmic

Question: Big Wild Animals That Laugh
Solution: Hyenas

Question: Brazilian Model Dated By DiCaprio Bundchen
Solution: Gisele

Question: California Is One Of The Largest Flying Birds
Solution: Condor

Question: Crisp Tortillas Served With Melted Cheese Salsa
Solution: Nachos

Question: French Writer Who Started Realism
Solution: Balzac

Question: In The 1987s Contra Video Game You Help
Solution: Rebels

Question: Modest And Respectful Not A Show Off
Solution: Humble

Question: Mother Of Calcutta Won Nobel Prize For Peace
Solution: Teresa

Question: Movie With John Travolta Olivia Newton John
Solution: Grease

Question: Music Industry Award Given In The United States
Solution: Grammy

Question: Optimistic Positive Buoyant
Solution: Upbeat

Question: Papier Mache Figure Filled With Candy
Solution: Pinata

Question: Pink And White Root Vegetable
Solution: Turnip

Question: Season After Winter
Solution: Spring

Question: Self Centeredness
Solution: Egoism

Question: Small Computer Easy To Transport
Solution: Laptop

Question: Spoil Halt Put An End To
Solution: Kibosh

Question: Strip Of Silk Satin Etc Wrapped Around Packages
Solution: Ribbon

Question: The Official Residence Of A Sovereign
Solution: Palace

Question: To Fill A Spot
Solution: Occupy

Question: Type Of Stage At The Globe And Swan Auditoriums
Solution: Thrust

Question: What Baku Devours In Japanese Mythology
Solution: Dreams

Question: Witches Fly On The Handles Of These
Solution: Brooms

Question: Piven Starred In Entourage And The Goods
Solution: Jeremy

Question: Kiss The Rubbing Of Noses As A Greeting
Solution: Eskimo

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