Codycross Planet Earth Group 5 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Woman Who Teaches A Child In A Private Home
Solution: Governess

Question: Coffee Chain Competitor Of Dunkin Donuts
Solution: Starbucks

Question: Dallas Basketball Team Added To NBA In 1980
Solution: Mavericks

Question: Dubbed The Merrie Monarch
Solution: Charles ii

Question: Ernest Won The Nobel Of Literature
Solution: Hemingway

Question: Fortune Tellers Trade
Solution: Palmistry

Question: Golden Quartz Like The Largest Cats Visual Organ
Solution: Tigers eye

Question: Island Group Of The Pacific Meaning Many Islands
Solution: Polynesia

Question: Less Scary Name For Halitosis
Solution: Bad breath

Question: NY Island Famously Bought On The Cheap
Solution: Manhattan

Question: Negative Economic Growth For Two Quarters In A Row
Solution: Recession

Question: Planetoids Or Minor Planets
Solution: Asteroids

Question: Popular Coffee Chain With Green Mermaid Logo
Solution: Starbucks

Question: Quiet Solitude Privacy
Solution: Seclusion

Question: Ripples Billows
Solution: Undulates

Question: Selling Gum Is Illegal In This Asian Country
Solution: Singapore

Question: Set Of Qualities That Distinguish A Person
Solution: Character

Question: TV Series About A Woman With Amnesia And Tattoos
Solution: Blindspot

Question: The Before Christmas Produced By Tim Burton
Solution: Nightmare

Question: This Asian Country Has A Chewing Gum Sales Ban
Solution: Singapore

Question: To Lose Water Or Body Liquids
Solution: Dehydrate

Question: To Sign Up For A Newsletter Newspaper
Solution: Subscribe

Question: Unforeseen Or Unplanned Events
Solution: Accidents

Question: Manager Does Online Management Of Groups
Solution: Community

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