Codycross Planet Earth Group 4 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Sort Of Trojan Odysseus
Solution: Aeneas

Question: Aerophobia Is A Fear Of
Solution: Flying

Question: Ant Community
Solution: Colony

Question: Belgrade Is The Capital Of
Solution: Serbia

Question: Breed Of Tiger Second Largest Tiger In The World
Solution: Bengal

Question: Bruno Mars Funky Part Of The City
Solution: Uptown

Question: Chemical That Whitens Clothes
Solution: Bleach

Question: Film Depicting Blue Humanoids Living On Pandora
Solution: Avatar

Question: Fitzgeralds Rag To Riches Title Character
Solution: Gatsby

Question: German Chancellor In 2016 Angela
Solution: Merkel

Question: Groups Of Singers Led By Conductors
Solution: Choirs

Question: Keanu Actor Played Ted Not Bill And Neo
Solution: Reeves

Question: Language Referred To As Gypsy In The 19th Century
Solution: Romani

Question: Leave A Job Hand In Notice
Solution: Resign

Question: Lost At Sea
Solution: Adrift

Question: Not Breakfast Not Lunch
Solution: Brunch

Question: Refill With Ammo
Solution: Reload

Question: Replicas Of Vehicles Made To Scale
Solution: Models

Question: Someone Who Revises Written Or Recorded Works
Solution: Editor

Question: Style Used In Churchbuilding In Late Middle Ages
Solution: Gothic

Question: TV Show On The Early Life Of Arthurs Court Wizard
Solution: Merlin

Question: Tech Company Hires Goats To Clean Its Green Areas
Solution: Google

Question: Food A Chocolate Cake With A Red Tinge
Solution: Devils

Question: List Life Goals No Regrets
Solution: Bucket

Question: Foam Mattress Material That Remembers
Solution: Memory

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