Codycross Planet Earth Group 4 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Native Of The Capital Of France
Solution: Parisian

Question: A Phase Of The Moon Also A Type Of Roll
Solution: Crescent

Question: A Small Outdoor Shelter With A Roof For A Pet
Solution: Doghouse

Question: Breed Of Cows Yielding Yellowish Milk
Solution: Guernsey

Question: Comforting Peaceful
Solution: Soothing

Question: Country Where Men Wear Kilts At Sporting Events
Solution: Scotland

Question: Electronic File Predesigned For A Use
Solution: Template

Question: Family Of 210 Flowering Plants
Solution: Magnolia

Question: Full Doctors Exam Of A Patient
Solution: Physical

Question: Its Happening Right Now
Solution: Real time

Question: Nearby Boxing Or Wrestling Judge
Solution: Ringside

Question: North Dakotas Frigid Capital
Solution: Bismarck

Question: Oared Vessel On A Ship
Solution: Longboat

Question: Participant Or Team That Finishes In Second Place
Solution: Runner up

Question: Penny Movie With Cary Grant And Irene Dunne
Solution: Serenade

Question: Person With Absolute Power Over A Country
Solution: Dictator

Question: Posh Porch With An H
Solution: Verandah

Question: Separating Closely Growing Seedlings
Solution: Thinning

Question: Something That Brings Comfort Peace Calm
Solution: Soothing

Question: Stimulant Found In Coffee And Soft Drinks
Solution: Caffeine

Question: Terrify
Solution: Frighten

Question: Three Cowboys Of This Brand Died Of Lung Cancer
Solution: Marlboro

Question: Woman Who Breastfeeds Anothers Baby
Solution: Wet nurse

Question: Crowley English Occultist And Writer
Solution: Aleister

Question: A Time How Many Stories Begin
Solution: Once upon

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