Codycross Planet Earth Group 4 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: American Director Known For His Dark Fantasy Films
Solution: Tim burton

Question: Band Famous For Its Big Lipped Frontman
Solution: Aerosmith

Question: British Film Director Master Of Suspense
Solution: Hitchcock

Question: Car Maker Responsible For The Corvette
Solution: Chevrolet

Question: Containers To Keep Footwear Safe
Solution: Shoeboxes

Question: David Played Ross Geller In Friends
Solution: Schwimmer

Question: Deuteronomy Is The Fifth Book Of The Old
Solution: Testament

Question: Effect Reduces Value Of Money Over Time
Solution: Inflation

Question: Family Comedy About The Hecks And Their Three Kids
Solution: The middle

Question: Famous Person
Solution: Celebrity

Question: French Seaport On The Cotentin Peninsula
Solution: Cherbourg

Question: German City Where Nazis Finally Faced Justice
Solution: Nuremberg

Question: Home Of The Pampas
Solution: Argentina

Question: It Protects Cars Homes And Lives Against Loss
Solution: Insurance

Question: Large Piece Of Cloth Used For Drying The Body
Solution: Bath towel

Question: Moon Of Saturn With High Geyser Activity
Solution: Enceladus

Question: Name Of Tubes That Connect Ovaries To The Uterus
Solution: Fallopian

Question: Rock Band Fronted By Steven Tyler
Solution: Aerosmith

Question: Snack Sized Sweet Indulgences
Solution: Candy bars

Question: Study Of Your Family Tree
Solution: Genealogy

Question: Suffering Of Persecution And Death For A Cause
Solution: Martyrdom

Question: The Outermost Layer Of The Skin
Solution: Epidermis

Question: To Give Up In A Battle
Solution: Surrender

Question: To Give Up In A Battle Raise A White Flag
Solution: Surrender

Question: Turn From A Liquid Into A Gas
Solution: Evaporate

Question: Vest Especially Worn Over A Shirt
Solution: Waistcoat

Question: Pope English Poet Of Satyrical Verses
Solution: Alexander

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