Codycross Planet Earth Group 4 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: 1987s Metal Gear Was The 1st Of The Video Games
Solution: Stealth

Question: A Fictional Reindeer With An Unusual Trait
Solution: Rudolph

Question: A Fruit Pie With A Rich Crust On Top
Solution: Cobbler

Question: Action You Just Cant Resist
Solution: Impulse

Question: As As Punch
Solution: Pleased

Question: Condition Of Being Unhealthy Or Sick
Solution: Illness

Question: Different Forms Of A Gene Dominant Or Recessive
Solution: Alleles

Question: Goose Feathered Bedroom Features
Solution: Pillows

Question: Hanoi Is The Capital Bun Bo Hue Is Its Spicy Soup
Solution: Vietnam

Question: Hopkins And Foster In Of The Lambs
Solution: Silence

Question: Large Lavish Meal Or Feast Celebration
Solution: Banquet

Question: Lettuce Like Plant Mustardy Flavor
Solution: Cabbage

Question: Minor Flaw On The Skin
Solution: Blemish

Question: Mixture Combination Of Shapes Pictures Etc
Solution: Collage

Question: Nosey Parker Paul Pry Tom
Solution: Peeping

Question: One Whos Been Forced To Migrate To Another Country
Solution: Refugee

Question: Original Name Of Gollum
Solution: Smeagol

Question: Person Whom Police Believe Committed A Crime
Solution: Suspect

Question: The Angelfish Has Blue And Yellow Stripes
Solution: Emperor

Question: Usually Coin Operated Machine That Plays Discs
Solution: Jukebox

Question: Where Figure Skaters Go To Train
Solution: Ice rink

Question: Workers Who Grind Grain Into Flour
Solution: Millers

Question: Bening Actress Warren Beattys Wife
Solution: Annette

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