Codycross Planet Earth Group 3 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Trifoliate Plant Thats Symbol Of Ireland
Solution: Shamrock

Question: Capital Of The Republic Of Serbia
Solution: Belgrade

Question: Contains Planets Nebulae Stars Etc
Solution: Universe

Question: David Bowies Androgynous Alter Ego Ziggy
Solution: Stardust

Question: Disorders Associated With High Blood Sugar
Solution: Diabetes

Question: Disorders That Affect The Production Of Insulin
Solution: Diabetes

Question: Famous Yankee Nicknamed The Bambino
Solution: Babe ruth

Question: Foliage Often Displayed During Holy Week
Solution: Palm leaf

Question: Geologic Period Within The Mesozoic Era
Solution: Jurassic

Question: In A Hungry Way
Solution: Greedily

Question: Lake Also Known As The Sea Of Galilee
Solution: Tiberias

Question: Relating To The Mother
Solution: Maternal

Question: Small Silver Coin Largely Used In Ancient Rome
Solution: Denarius

Question: Someone Who Sells Goods Or Services
Solution: Merchant

Question: Star Of Thelma Louise And Bull Durham Susan
Solution: Sarandon

Question: Strong Feeling Of Missing Home
Solution: Homesick

Question: System Where The King Or Queen Rules The Country
Solution: Monarchy

Question: The Way You Think Or Feel About Something
Solution: Attitude

Question: Two Openings At The Bottom Of A Nose
Solution: Nostrils

Question: What Youre Doing To Eggs To Get Them Out Of Shell
Solution: Breaking

Question: You Cant Make An Omelette Without The Eggs
Solution: Breaking

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