Codycross Planet Earth Group 20 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A TLD Is Short For Top Level
Solution: Domain

Question: Book Used To Tell All About An Item Car Appliance
Solution: Manual

Question: Broad Piece Of Defensive Armor Carried On The Arm
Solution: Shield

Question: C In WC
Solution: Closet

Question: Characterized By Unexpected Traits Unique
Solution: Quirky

Question: Country In Europe Capital Is Paris
Solution: France

Question: Estimate The Value Of Something For Taxes
Solution: Assess

Question: Feast Banquet Spread Regale
Solution: Dinner

Question: Having Unexpected Traits Unique
Solution: Quirky

Question: How You Feel When You Need To Eat
Solution: Hungry

Question: Major Valve Of The Human Heart
Solution: Aortic

Question: More Formal Term For Plant Science
Solution: Botany

Question: Mothers Brothers
Solution: Uncles

Question: Northern Province Of Ireland
Solution: Ulster

Question: Pat Morita Mr In The Karate Kid Movies
Solution: Miyagi

Question: People Who Are No Longer Teenagers
Solution: Adults

Question: Person Who Takes Care Of The Bats In Baseball
Solution: Batboy

Question: Pinocchios Cricket Friend Conscience
Solution: Jiminy

Question: Refusal To Believe
Solution: Denial

Question: Reptilian Creatures Live In This Body Of Water
Solution: Lagoon

Question: The Legend Of Hollow Story By Washington Irving
Solution: Sleepy

Question: The P In PTO Found At The Bottom Of A Page
Solution: Please

Question: They Are Not Teenagers Anymore
Solution: Adults

Question: This Part Of An URL Can Be Com Gov Or Edu
Solution: Domain

Question: Umbrella Term For Formal Leaders Of Christianity
Solution: Clergy

Question: Umbrella Term For Formal Leaders Of Religions
Solution: Clergy

Question: Very Young Female Chicken
Solution: Pullet

Question: Wood Stick Used To Make Shish Kebabs
Solution: Skewer

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