Codycross Planet Earth Group 20 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: Adapted For Using Both Eyes
Solution: Binocular

Question: Baseball Position Between 2nd And 3rd Base
Solution: Shortstop

Question: Boneless Ocean Animal With Tentacles
Solution: Jellyfish

Question: British Sci Fi TV Show About Time Traveling
Solution: Doctor who

Question: Central American Nation Home To Mayans
Solution: Guatemala

Question: Chris Known For Portraying Thor
Solution: Hemsworth

Question: Drinking Receptacles
Solution: Glassware

Question: He Wrote About A Homosexual Relationship In 1948
Solution: Gore vidal

Question: Knee Length Outer Garment Worn As Military Uniform
Solution: Frock coat

Question: Noir Mystery Movie With Nicholson And Dunaway
Solution: Chinatown

Question: Piece Of An Asteroid After Impact On A Planet
Solution: Meteorite

Question: Please Song By The Marvelettes
Solution: Mr postman

Question: Scottish August Festival Celebrating The Arts
Solution: Edinburgh

Question: Signs And Symptoms Of Cancer Go Away
Solution: Remission

Question: Someone Who Explains A Theory In Detail
Solution: Expounder

Question: Tech Company That Brought Us Windows
Solution: Microsoft

Question: The Tech Company Behind Windows
Solution: Microsoft

Question: To Make An Alcoholic Drink Less Strong
Solution: Water down

Question: Venustraphobia Is Fear Of Women
Solution: Beautiful

Question: Psychedelic Fungi Found In Pastures
Solution: Mushrooms

Question: Killed The Cat
Solution: Curiosity

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