Codycross Planet Earth Group 20 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Drink Made From Yellow Citrus Water And Sugar
Solution: Lemonade

Question: COPUOS Committee On The Uses Of Outer Space
Solution: Peaceful

Question: Fills With Air Increases In Size
Solution: Inflates

Question: Former Argentina First Lady Married To Juan
Solution: Eva peron

Question: French Card Game Popular In Casinos
Solution: Baccarat

Question: Island Country In The Caribbean Capital Is Roseau
Solution: Dominica

Question: Italian Bacon Cured With Black Pepper
Solution: Pancetta

Question: Literary Work That Idealizes Rural Life
Solution: Pastoral

Question: New Spacecraft Sent To Pluto
Solution: Horizons

Question: Once Bitten
Solution: Twice shy

Question: Opinionated Doctrinaire Pontifical
Solution: Dogmatic

Question: POW Stands For Of War
Solution: Prisoner

Question: Philoprogenitive
Solution: Prolific

Question: Semi Solid Greasy Thick Oil Medical Use
Solution: Ointment

Question: Smooth Oily Mixture Used For Medical Purposes
Solution: Ointment

Question: Spanish Term For Exaggerated Shows Of Masculinity
Solution: Machismo

Question: Stadio Naples Field Of Famous 1990 Match
Solution: San paolo

Question: The Outcome Of Lemons Added To Water
Solution: Lemonade

Question: This Team Plays In Hockeytown USA
Solution: Red wings

Question: What You Might Wear After A Shower
Solution: Bathrobe

Question: Wizard Magician
Solution: Sorcerer

Question: Woman Of High Social Rank A Title Of Nobility
Solution: Countess

Question: Heston Won An Oscar For Ben Hur
Solution: Charlton

Question: Jason Leigh Actress Of Single White Female
Solution: Jennifer

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