Codycross Planet Earth Group 20 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: Aerophobia Is A Fear Of
Solution: Flying

Question: Bostons Baseball Team
Solution: Red sox

Question: Disease Associated With Dogs And Foaming Mouths
Solution: Rabies

Question: English Speaking Country In Central America
Solution: Belize

Question: Four Armed Hindu God Of Protection
Solution: Vishnu

Question: McDonalds Has Golden Ones
Solution: Arches

Question: Meteorite Bruise On A Planet
Solution: Crater

Question: Mounted Knights Weapons Long Sticks For Charging
Solution: Lances

Question: Opposite Of Opened
Solution: Closed

Question: Scotch Hot Chili Pepper Of The Caribbean
Solution: Bonnet

Question: Set Of Orange Playing Cards In Monopoly
Solution: Chance

Question: Spirits Of Nature Depicted As Beautiful Maidens
Solution: Nymphs

Question: Star Of The Biopic Words And Music Mickey
Solution: Rooney

Question: The Great Make Up The Center Of The US
Solution: Plains

Question: This Movies Song Let It Go Melted Hearts
Solution: Frozen

Question: To Receive Something With Approval
Solution: Accept

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