Codycross Planet Earth Group 2 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: Armed Governments Defense Military
Solution: Forces

Question: Arranging Papers In An Order
Solution: Filing

Question: Country Music Legend Cannabis Activist Nelson
Solution: Willie

Question: Country Music Legend Sang Stardust Nelson
Solution: Willie

Question: Dairy Product Made By Churning Milk
Solution: Butter

Question: Felines Go Crazy For This Herb
Solution: Catnip

Question: GIF Graphics Interchange
Solution: Format

Question: Greek City State Depicted In The Film 300
Solution: Sparta

Question: He Is Known For His Mathematical Lithographs
Solution: Escher

Question: Housebuilding Animal Whose Teeth Never Stop Growing
Solution: Beaver

Question: Image Video Hosting Site Bought By Yahoo In 2005
Solution: Flickr

Question: Karen Author Of Out Of Africa
Solution: Blixen

Question: Magical Or Poisonous Drink From Fairy Tales
Solution: Potion

Question: Member Of The Mint Family That Felines Love
Solution: Catnip

Question: Mexican Costal City Known For Nightlife Resorts
Solution: Cancun

Question: Nearly 25000 Perished Constructing This Canal
Solution: Panama

Question: Not Perfect
Solution: Flawed

Question: Popular Mexican Destination
Solution: Cancun

Question: Put Fluid In The Body With A Syringe
Solution: Inject

Question: Synonym For Thin
Solution: Skinny

Question: This Central American Country Has A Famous Canal
Solution: Panama

Question: Toy Inspired By Sesame Street Me Elmo
Solution: Tickle

Question: What Astronauts Use To Go Into Space
Solution: Rocket

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