Codycross Planet Earth Group 2 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Good Luck Charm Should Be Hung Facing Up
Solution: Horseshoe

Question: Artificial Supports Or Braces For A Body Part
Solution: Orthotics

Question: Car Piloted By The Dark Knight In The Comics
Solution: Batmobile

Question: Encouraged Given The Impetus To Go Ahead
Solution: Motivated

Question: Famous British Weekly
Solution: Economist

Question: Holiday When The Most Candy Corn Is Consumed
Solution: Halloween

Question: Maid Of Orleans
Solution: Joan of arc

Question: Mechanical Piece Used To Spray Water
Solution: Sprinkler

Question: One Person Speech Common In Acting
Solution: Monologue

Question: Person Who Directs An Orchestral Performance
Solution: Conductor

Question: Picturesque Greek Island On Aegean Sea
Solution: Santorini

Question: Pool Game Of Hide Seek A Famous Explorer
Solution: Marco polo

Question: Renounces The Throne
Solution: Abdicates

Question: Rinsing Aid For Teeth And Gums
Solution: Mouthwash

Question: Sang Songs To Impress Or Win Someones Heart
Solution: Serenaded

Question: Significant Key Vital
Solution: Important

Question: Silk Canopy Helps Aircraft Escapees
Solution: Parachute

Question: Small Wooden Home Placed In Trees For Winged Animals
Solution: Birdhouse

Question: So Easy To Operate That Its Impossible To Go Wrong
Solution: Foolproof

Question: Someone You Tell Secrets To
Solution: Confidant

Question: The Republic Shares An Island With Haiti
Solution: Dominican

Question: The Story Of Someones Life
Solution: Biography

Question: US Retired Track And Field Athlete
Solution: Carl lewis

Question: Wireless Network That Can Be Used To Transfer Data
Solution: Bluetooth

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