Codycross Planet Earth Group 19 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Place Where Grapes Are Grown
Solution: Vineyard

Question: An Amber Telescope In Philip Pullman Stories
Solution: Spyglass

Question: Appliances For Keeping Food Ice Cold
Solution: Freezers

Question: Barry Directed Rain Man In 1988
Solution: Levinson

Question: Bill Withers Song About Friendship And Support
Solution: Lean on me

Question: Chameleons Eyes Rotate To Help Them With
Solution: Climbing

Question: Completely Eradicated Disease Variola Virus
Solution: Smallpox

Question: English Pre Raphaelite Painter With Italian Name
Solution: Rossetti

Question: Fairy Tale Character With Long Hair
Solution: Rapunzel

Question: Female On Court Retriever In Tennis
Solution: Ballgirl

Question: Former American Statesman Killed By Aaron Burr
Solution: Hamilton

Question: Interchange Of Items Goods Foods
Solution: Commerce

Question: Large Cooking Container To Make Soups Or Stews
Solution: Stockpot

Question: List Of Defined Terms Found At The End Of A Book
Solution: Glossary

Question: Metallic Element With The Symbol Sb
Solution: Antimony

Question: Military Uniform Soldiers Everyday Clothing
Solution: Fatigues

Question: Nation State In Central Europe Capital Ljubljana
Solution: Slovenia

Question: Person Youre Descended From
Solution: Ancestor

Question: Place For Doctors Nurses And Surgery
Solution: Hospital

Question: Poisonous Sea Delicacy Eaten With Care In Japan
Solution: Fugu fish

Question: Queen Of England During The Industrial Revolution
Solution: Victoria

Question: Sugary Fried Snack Breakfast Staple
Solution: Doughnut

Question: Unisex Type Of Shirt Not A Dressed One
Solution: Collared

Question: What The B In BMW Stands For In English
Solution: Bavarian

Question: Belt Between The Orbits Of Mars And Jupiter
Solution: Asteroid

Question: Ejiofor Actor Of 12 Years A Slave
Solution: Chiwetel

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