Codycross Planet Earth Group 19 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: Agatha Christie Qualified As A Practicing
Solution: Dispenser

Question: Assertion
Solution: Statement

Question: Astronaut Who Took A Giant Leap For Mankind
Solution: Armstrong

Question: Cinderellas Fairy Helps Her Go To The Ball
Solution: Godmother

Question: Dog Breed That Shares Name With A Mexican State
Solution: Chihuahua

Question: Liver Disease With Major Scarring
Solution: Cirrhosis

Question: Mesmerized By Magic Or Incantation Charmed
Solution: Enchanted

Question: Oldest Male In A Family
Solution: Patriarch

Question: Religious Holiday Coinciding With Winter Solstice
Solution: Christmas

Question: Religious Holiday Right After Winter Solstice
Solution: Christmas

Question: Ship Hired By The Government In A War
Solution: Privateer

Question: The Horse Capital Of The US In Kentucky
Solution: Lexington

Question: The Main One
Solution: Principal

Question: Type Of Park With Rides And Games
Solution: Amusement

Question: Type Of Tree That Never Loses Its Leaves
Solution: Evergreen

Question: X Ray Of Your Blood Vessels With Dye
Solution: Angiogram

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