Codycross Planet Earth Group 19 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: 60s Cartoon Space Family With Robotic Maid
Solution: Jetsons

Question: A Womans Bedroom Or Private Room
Solution: Boudoir

Question: An Atrium Is A Of The Heart
Solution: Chamber

Question: Blind Literature Is Written In This Bumpy Text
Solution: Braille

Question: Carl Sagan Taught Astronomy Here
Solution: Cornell

Question: Depicted In Art As Chubby Healthy Children
Solution: Cherubs

Question: Improve Or Change For A Better Model
Solution: Upgrade

Question: In Baseball Another Word For Batter
Solution: Slugger

Question: Irish Cream Liqueur Popular At Christmas
Solution: Baileys

Question: Iron Invisible Line Once Separating Europe
Solution: Curtain

Question: It Makes Your Eyes Water
Solution: Tear gas

Question: Latin Dance With Lots Of Hip Movements
Solution: Lambada

Question: List Of Actors Crew At The End Of A Movie
Solution: Credits

Question: Mandy Is Sung By Barry
Solution: Manilow

Question: Metal Percussion Instruments Like Pan Lids
Solution: Cymbals

Question: North American Fish Comes In Yellow And Blue
Solution: Walleye

Question: Outermost
Solution: Extreme

Question: Radio Silence
Solution: Dead air

Question: Renal Organs
Solution: Kidneys

Question: Screen Used To See Computer Information
Solution: Monitor

Question: Short Fictional Book
Solution: Novella

Question: Spider Silks
Solution: Cobwebs

Question: Strictly Orthodox Muslim Sect Of Arabia
Solution: Wahhabi

Question: Of Magical Arts US Society That Promotes Magic
Solution: Academy

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