Codycross Planet Earth Group 19 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: Animated Series About Mystery Solving With A Dog
Solution: Scooby doo

Question: Bird In A Pear Tree In The Christmas Song
Solution: Partridge

Question: Conan Doyles Prof Challenger Found This Place
Solution: Lost world

Question: Debts Or Money Owed
Solution: Liability

Question: Enjoying A Book Again
Solution: Rereading

Question: Football Rule Allows Play To Continue
Solution: Advantage

Question: Gravity Pull That Light Cant Escape
Solution: Black hole

Question: Jamaican Who Runs As Fast As Lightning
Solution: Usain bolt

Question: Marks Used To Represent Ones Speech
Solution: Quotation

Question: Medulla Part Of Hindbrain Controls Vomiting
Solution: Oblongata

Question: Name Of Elvis Presleys House
Solution: Graceland

Question: Official State Flower Of Massachusetts
Solution: Mayflower

Question: Payed Money Into Your Bank Account
Solution: Deposited

Question: Plastic Bank Card To Pay For Purchases
Solution: Debit card

Question: Plastic Rectangle Used To Pay For Purchases
Solution: Debit card

Question: Pungent Smelly Cheese With Sandwich Of Same Name
Solution: Limburger

Question: Scary Sounding Invasive Honeymaking Insect
Solution: Killer bee

Question: Someone Who Investigates Crimes
Solution: Detective

Question: Stellar Object With A Strong Gravitational Pull
Solution: Black hole

Question: Still Not On Paper
Solution: Unwritten

Question: Study Of Meaning Making
Solution: Semiotics

Question: Third Book Of Torah
Solution: Leviticus

Question: What The One Who Denies All Eventually Does
Solution: Confesses

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