Codycross Planet Earth Group 19 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Continuation Part Two
Solution: Sequel

Question: Birthplace Of The Modern Olympics
Solution: Greece

Question: Cattle Catching Cowboy Sport
Solution: Roping

Question: Charlie Browns Beagle Pilot
Solution: Snoopy

Question: Compact Round Clouds Forewarning Rain
Solution: Cumuli

Question: Department That Takes Care Of Radioactive Waste
Solution: Energy

Question: Extreme Serious Critical Harsh
Solution: Severe

Question: Film Musical Anagram Of Agrees
Solution: Grease

Question: Geronimo Indian Tribe From Southwest
Solution: Apache

Question: Geronimo Native American Tribe From Southwest
Solution: Apache

Question: Joey Potter On Dawsons Creek Katie
Solution: Holmes

Question: Make Something Less Perfect
Solution: Impair

Question: Nearly All But Not Quite
Solution: Almost

Question: Not Liquids Or Gases Hard Materials
Solution: Solids

Question: Outlaw Highwayman Robber
Solution: Bandit

Question: Planet Whose Name Derives From Greek Mythology
Solution: Uranus

Question: Someone Who Sews And Repairs Clothing
Solution: Tailor

Question: Strap Shaped Organ Or Body Part Of An Insect
Solution: Ligula

Question: The Number Of Pennies In A Pre Decimal Shilling
Solution: Twelve

Question: Tom Rush Song Inspired By A Character
Solution: Sawyer

Question: Transmission That Isnt Automatic
Solution: Manual

Question: Type Of Large Wheeled Ride Wheel
Solution: Ferris

Question: Ursula K A Wizard Of Earthsea Author
Solution: Le guin

Question: Vinegar That Is Made From Ale
Solution: Alegar

Question: Walking Under One Is Said To Be Bad Luck
Solution: Ladder

Question: Hero Live Game That Lets You Play In Rock Bands
Solution: Guitar

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