Codycross Planet Earth Group 18 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: 1984 Lead Single From Bryan Adams Reckless Album
Solution: Run to you

Question: Accommodations Abodes Diggings
Solution: Quarters

Question: Apiarists Hazard
Solution: Bee sting

Question: Batmans Trusty Is Robin
Solution: Sidekick

Question: Colleague
Solution: Coworker

Question: Empire State
Solution: Building

Question: Enterprise Is The Name Of The Ship In
Solution: Star trek

Question: Enterprise Is The Ship In This TV Series
Solution: Star trek

Question: French Schoolgirl Created By An Austrian Writer
Solution: Madeline

Question: Having A Very Bad Reputation
Solution: Infamous

Question: Hypothetical Shortcut Linking 2 Points In Space Time
Solution: Wormhole

Question: Just Below Boiling Point Used Often With Eggs
Solution: Coddling

Question: More Tired Than Someone Else
Solution: Sleepier

Question: Normal Usual
Solution: Ordinary

Question: Office Colleague
Solution: Coworker

Question: Stretch Your Legs According To Your
Solution: Coverlet

Question: Strong Dislike Or Disgust
Solution: Loathing

Question: Sublime Song Syncretic Caribbean Religion
Solution: Santeria

Question: Towards The Bottom Of A Slope
Solution: Downhill

Question: White House Intern Involved In A Sex Scandal
Solution: Lewinsky

Question: Written Guarantee About A Product Or Service
Solution: Warranty

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