Codycross Planet Earth Group 18 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: Alternative Name For The Heel Bone
Solution: Calcaneus

Question: Anesthetic Once Used In Dentistry
Solution: Novocaine

Question: Country With The Worlds Largest Muslim Population
Solution: Indonesia

Question: Craters Appearing In Siberia Without Explanation
Solution: Sink holes

Question: Disneys Nemo And His Father Are This
Solution: Clownfish

Question: Dog Comes In 3 Types Giant Standard Miniature
Solution: Schnauzer

Question: Founding Member Of The Eagles Band
Solution: Glenn frey

Question: Great Annual Wildebeest Trek In The Serengeti
Solution: Migration

Question: High Ranking Celestial Being Like Gabriel
Solution: Archangel

Question: How The Spanish Say 21 As In The Current Century
Solution: Veintiuno

Question: In Missouri Its Illegal To Play On Sundays
Solution: Hopscotch

Question: In A Rhyme Sally Sells These By The Seashore
Solution: Seashells

Question: Irish Potato And Cabbage Dish
Solution: Colcannon

Question: Kingdom Of What Is Now The Ethiopian Empire
Solution: Abyssinia

Question: Korean Martial Art Fast Kicking Techniques
Solution: Taekwondo

Question: Lymphatic System Blood Flow Science
Solution: Angiology

Question: Maya Angelou Knew Why This Sings
Solution: Caged bird

Question: Nemo And His Father In Disney Film Are This
Solution: Clownfish

Question: Political Scandal Named After A Hotel In Washington
Solution: Watergate

Question: Private Web Browser Doesnt Record Search History
Solution: Incognito

Question: Running As A Horse Would
Solution: Galloping

Question: Safe Place Like A Church Or Spa
Solution: Sanctuary

Question: Said Never To Strike Twice At The Same Place
Solution: Lightning

Question: Shark Week Channel
Solution: Discovery

Question: Somehow The Longest Day Of The Week
Solution: Wednesday

Question: Someone Responsible For The Movements Of A Boat
Solution: Navigator

Question: Taking A Little Off The Top
Solution: Pilfering

Question: The Mad Max Video Game Is Set In An Apocalyptic
Solution: Wasteland

Question: The Capital Of Mayotte
Solution: Mamoudzou

Question: The Usual Epithet Of Mars
Solution: Red planet

Question: Thin Sliced Meat Fried And Coated In Breadcrumbs
Solution: Schnitzel

Question: Transformative Civil Rights Activist In The 1950s
Solution: Rosa parks

Question: Underground Garden Wriggler
Solution: Earthworm

Question: Vessels That Rescue Those In Trouble At Sea
Solution: Lifeboats

Question: Writer Known For His Crime Novels About The Mafia
Solution: Mario puzo

Question: Hepburn Won Four Oscars For Best Actress
Solution: Katharine

Question: The Cat Never Catches Tweety Bird
Solution: Sylvester

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