Codycross Planet Earth Group 18 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Flammable Liquid Mix Powers Most Cars
Solution: Gasoline

Question: A State Of Intense Happiness And Self Confidence
Solution: Euphoria

Question: Deep Crack In A Glacier
Solution: Crevasse

Question: Enter This Series Of Characters To Log In
Solution: Password

Question: Fahrenheit 451 By Ray
Solution: Bradbury

Question: First Smartphone Released By Google In 2010
Solution: Nexus one

Question: Four Times Olympic Discus Champion
Solution: Al oerter

Question: Group Of Flatfish Found On Ocean Bottoms
Solution: Flounder

Question: NY Soccer Team Named After Winged Energy Drink
Solution: Red bulls

Question: Process Of Voting For A Leader
Solution: Election

Question: Religious Wars Personal Undertakings
Solution: Crusades

Question: Science Of Blending Cocktails
Solution: Mixology

Question: Secondary Act At A Circus Or Fair
Solution: Sideshow

Question: Telling Someone To Be Quiet
Solution: Shushing

Question: The Plant Source Of Digitalis
Solution: Foxglove

Question: When The Top Teeth Close Over The Bottom Teeth
Solution: Overbite

Question: When The Upper Jaw Overlaps The Lower Jaw
Solution: Overbite

Question: Yiddish Courage
Solution: Chutzpah

Question: Ford Played Indiana Jones
Solution: Harrison

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