Codycross Planet Earth Group 18 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A New Version New Information Latest Items
Solution: Update

Question: A Quantum Of Electromagnetic Radiation
Solution: Photon

Question: Americas Most Macabre TV Family
Solution: Addams

Question: Bacteria In The Shape Of A Sphere
Solution: Coccus

Question: Colorful Blanket Garment Worn In The Andes
Solution: Poncho

Question: Device To Flow Water From A Pipe Into A Sink
Solution: Faucet

Question: Healthy Cereal Used In Beer Production
Solution: Barley

Question: Husband Or Wife
Solution: Spouse

Question: In A New York
Solution: Minute

Question: Influential Prose Writer In Ancient Rome
Solution: Cicero

Question: Madame A Tale Of Adultery By Flaubert
Solution: Bovary

Question: Man Or Woman Of The Sea
Solution: Sailor

Question: Material Used To Make Clothing
Solution: Fabric

Question: Official Number Of People Who Live In A Place
Solution: Census

Question: Official Survey Of The Population Of A Place
Solution: Census

Question: Popular Kissing Game Requires Player To Spin This
Solution: Bottle

Question: Puff The Magic A Childhood Favourite
Solution: Dragon

Question: Rate Of Gain On Investment Over Time
Solution: Return

Question: Something That You Aim At
Solution: Target

Question: Storage Container For Playthings
Solution: Toy box

Question: The Rundown And Sin City Actress Rosario
Solution: Dawson

Question: To Reach Your Destination To Finally Happen
Solution: Arrive

Question: Ugly Small Giant Mythical Creatures Live In Caves
Solution: Trolls

Question: Andress Famous Swiss Actress From 1950s 60s
Solution: Ursula

Question: Hayes Private Detective In Moonlighting
Solution: Maddie

Question: Levy Actor Comedian Producer
Solution: Eugene

Question: Of The Shrew A Shakespeare Comedy
Solution: Taming

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