Codycross Planet Earth Group 17 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: Ancient Burial Ground In Egypt
Solution: Saqqara

Question: Annoying Irritating Tiresome
Solution: Irksome

Question: Area Where An Animal Naturally Lives
Solution: Habitat

Question: Baked Bread Dough Twisted Into A Knot
Solution: Pretzel

Question: Being In Good Physical And Mental Condition
Solution: Healthy

Question: Category Dealing With Events In Trivial Pursuit
Solution: History

Question: Distorts Disfigures
Solution: Deforms

Question: Fast Paced British Car Show Full Of Stunts
Solution: Top gear

Question: Fine Mesh Sieve Means Chinese In French
Solution: Chinois

Question: Hangs In The Air
Solution: Lingers

Question: Japanese Pop Group From Hiroshima
Solution: Perfume

Question: Lamp Rubber
Solution: Aladdin

Question: Orange Squash For Carving
Solution: Pumpkin

Question: Paying A Deposit For Later Purchase
Solution: Layaway

Question: The Line Around A Specific Shape In An Art Piece
Solution: Contour

Question: Type Of Restaurant That Might Offer Osso Buco
Solution: Italian

Question: Used To Heat Houses Melt Ores Or Produce Steam
Solution: Furnace

Question: Word Made Out Of The Letters Of Another Word
Solution: Anagram

Question: Houston Costners Co Star In The Bodyguard
Solution: Whitney

Question: King Author Of The Shining
Solution: Stephen

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