Codycross Planet Earth Group 17 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Cascade Of Water Falling From A Height
Solution: Waterfall

Question: A Cascade That Falls From A Great Height
Solution: Waterfall

Question: A Hermit Near The Sea
Solution: Anchorite

Question: A Sport Played During The Olympic Games
Solution: Water polo

Question: Alexander The Great Ruled This Kingdom
Solution: Macedonia

Question: Alexander The Great Was Conquerer King Of This Kingdom
Solution: Macedonia

Question: Figure Designed To Frighten Birds Or Spirits
Solution: Scarecrow

Question: Fruit Used For Salsas Known As Mexican Husk Tomato
Solution: Tomatillo

Question: Medical Term For A Bruise
Solution: Contusion

Question: Mixture Combination
Solution: Admixture

Question: One Of The Three Bs In Classical Music Hierarchy
Solution: Beethoven

Question: Optical Object Used To View Items In Space
Solution: Telescope

Question: Prince Of Thieves Played By Kevin Costner In 90s
Solution: Robin hood

Question: Sci Fi Series With Regenerations Every Few Years
Solution: Doctor who

Question: Skopje Is The Capital Of
Solution: Macedonia

Question: Something Urgent Rapid State Of
Solution: Emergency

Question: Teddy Bears Are Named After This American President
Solution: Roosevelt

Question: Useful Animals Kept Or Raised On A Farm
Solution: Livestock

Question: Formula Elementary Algebra Formula
Solution: Quadratic

Question: The Great Conquered Mesopotamia In 330 BC
Solution: Alexander

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