Codycross Planet Earth Group 17 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Person Who Acts For Another In Legal Matters
Solution: Attorney

Question: Bat Eating Singer Of Crazy Train
Solution: Osbourne

Question: Black Makeup Worn On The Upper Lid
Solution: Eyeliner

Question: Changing To Fit A New Purpose
Solution: Adapting

Question: Chemical In Tobacco Incredibly Addictive
Solution: Nicotine

Question: Complete And Total Faith In Someone
Solution: Absolute

Question: Cosmetic Product Used To Contour Facial Feature
Solution: Eyeliner

Question: Galaxy That Contains Our System
Solution: Milky way

Question: Growing Changing Or Developing Gradually
Solution: Evolving

Question: Insects That Live In Colonies And Eat Wood
Solution: Termites

Question: Mesmerizing Autocratic Coach
Solution: Svengali

Question: Norwegian Archipelago In The Arctic Ocean
Solution: Svalbard

Question: Pattern Featuring Lots Of Circles
Solution: Polka dot

Question: Raft Used In Emergencies
Solution: Lifeboat

Question: Seismic Sea Waves That Can Follow Earthquakes
Solution: Tsunamis

Question: Small Sacs Of Tissue Next To The Tonsils
Solution: Adenoids

Question: Thick Sweet Dark Syrup Made From Raw Sugar
Solution: Molasses

Question: This State Is Known As The Corporate Capital
Solution: Delaware

Question: World War I Was Also Known As The
Solution: Great war

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