Codycross Planet Earth Group 16 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: Alter Ego Of Dr Jekyll In 1941 Horror Movie
Solution: Mr hyde

Question: Alter Ego Of Dr Jekyll
Solution: Mr hyde

Question: Amount Made After Expenses
Solution: Profit

Question: Area Beneath The Junction Of The Arm And Shoulder
Solution: Armpit

Question: Baby Someone Born Just After World War 2
Solution: Boomer

Question: Chicago Community In Lower West Side
Solution: Pilsen

Question: Gordon Singer Better Known As Sting
Solution: Sumner

Question: In A Far Far Away
Solution: Galaxy

Question: Iran Area Anagram Of Aspire
Solution: Persia

Question: Object Used To Remove Pencil Errors
Solution: Eraser

Question: Ocean Surrounded By Africa Asia And Australia
Solution: Indian

Question: Ocean That Covers 20 Of Earth With Water
Solution: Indian

Question: Russian Folk Dance With One Man And Two Women
Solution: Troika

Question: Similar To The First Garden
Solution: Edenic

Question: Someone Who Helps You With A Project A Group
Solution: Cohort

Question: Sweet Canary On Look Out For Putty Tat
Solution: Tweety

Question: This System Needs To Be Strong To Fight Diseases
Solution: Immune

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