Codycross Planet Earth Group 16 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: Agyrophobia Is A Fear Of Crossing Or Roads
Solution: Streets

Question: Ancient Syrian City Destroyed By The Islamic State
Solution: Palmyra

Question: Church Tower
Solution: Steeple

Question: Clothes Worn In Bed
Solution: Pajamas

Question: Colourful Arc In The Sky
Solution: Rainbow

Question: Competition Between Two Or More People For A Prize
Solution: Contest

Question: Cousin Of The Bison Looks Extremely Similar
Solution: Buffalo

Question: Ennui Feeling Of Nothing To Do To Keep Occupied
Solution: Boredom

Question: Flowering Plants That Rely On Ants
Solution: Peonies

Question: If Youre Not With Me Youre Me
Solution: Against

Question: Japanese Manufacturer Of Bicycle Parts And Gears
Solution: Shimano

Question: Large Military Unit With Its Own Headquarters
Solution: Brigade

Question: Largest Planet In The Solar System
Solution: Jupiter

Question: Loose Leaf Plant In Salads And Cooked Greens
Solution: Collard

Question: One Of The Post Soviet States
Solution: Georgia

Question: Outline Of The Human Face From One Side
Solution: Profile

Question: Port Vila Is The Capital Of
Solution: Vanuatu

Question: Professional Casino Employees
Solution: Dealers

Question: Rubber Ended Stick Used To Unclog Toilets
Solution: Plunger

Question: Sprightly
Solution: Agilely

Question: Stripes Of Different Shades
Solution: Streaks

Question: Surgical Instrument Designed For Scraping
Solution: Curette

Question: The Decision Made By The Jury At A Trial
Solution: Verdict

Question: These Are Really High When A TV Show Is Successful
Solution: Ratings

Question: Two To Six Percent Of The US Population Are
Solution: Redhead

Question: Violent Rotating Column Of Air
Solution: Tornado

Question: Way Something Feels Usually In Art Or Clothing
Solution: Texture

Question: When These Fall Out Honest Men Come By Their Own
Solution: Thieves

Question: Word To Describe Someone With Auburn Hair
Solution: Redhead

Question: Ford Coppola Director Of The Godfather
Solution: Francis

Question: Romijn Played Mystique In X Men
Solution: Rebecca

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