Codycross Planet Earth Group 15 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Feeling Such As Sadness Happiness Fear
Solution: Emotion

Question: A Place Where Children Stay While Parents Work
Solution: Daycare

Question: Amy Comedian Actress Writer Producer
Solution: Schumer

Question: Anything Related To Heredity In Living Organisms
Solution: Genetic

Question: Brussels Is The Capital Of
Solution: Belgium

Question: Collagen Tissues That Connect Muscle To Bone
Solution: Tendons

Question: Crazy Rich Asians Features This Chinese Game
Solution: Mahjong

Question: Deep Fried Ball Made From Chickpeas
Solution: Falafel

Question: Going Without Food Or Drinks Before Surgery
Solution: Fasting

Question: In Language Overused Expressions Done To Death
Solution: Cliches

Question: Kingdom That Hammurabi Ruled
Solution: Babylon

Question: Large Website Advertisements
Solution: Banners

Question: Long Poem By Homer About Ulysses
Solution: Odyssey

Question: Most Common Duck In The US Green Headed
Solution: Mallard

Question: Multiple Dishes In A Meal
Solution: Courses

Question: National Property In Another Country
Solution: Embassy

Question: One Who Imagines While Sleeping
Solution: Dreamer

Question: Opposite Of Acceptance Eg Of An Invitation
Solution: Refusal

Question: Penny Wise And Pound
Solution: Foolish

Question: Pieces Of Cloth Used To Wipe Ones Face
Solution: Napkins

Question: Place Where Historical Documents Are Kept
Solution: Archive

Question: Removing Hair From Skin With A Blade
Solution: Shaving

Question: Ships Steering Mechanism
Solution: Rudders

Question: Skilled Craft Worker Makes Furniture Art Etc
Solution: Artisan

Question: Slang For Nonsense Foolishness
Solution: Baloney

Question: Small Axe You Bury To Settle A Dispute
Solution: Hatchet

Question: Small Piece Of Something Sample Of Music
Solution: Snippet

Question: Someone Who Posts Junk Messages Online
Solution: Spammer

Question: Sport Of Firing Arrows At A Target
Solution: Archery

Question: The Bottom Edge Of A Dress Skirt Or Coat
Solution: Hemline

Question: The Largest Living Primate
Solution: Gorilla

Question: To Quietly Tiptoe Up To Someone
Solution: Creep up

Question: Traditional Halloween Trip On Vehicle
Solution: Hayride

Question: Unpowered Tool For Cutting Wood
Solution: Hand saw

Question: Yemen And Oman Are On This Peninsula
Solution: Arabian

Question: William William Kidds Pirate Ship
Solution: Blessed

Question: Horse Wooden Childrens Toy With Movement
Solution: Rocking

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