Codycross Planet Earth Group 15 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Unit Of Power
Solution: Kilowatt

Question: An Uncontrollable Outburst Of Emotion Or Fear
Solution: Hysteria

Question: Another Name For Cuban Contradanza Dance
Solution: Habanera

Question: Crafting Using Wool And Needles
Solution: Knitting

Question: Dog Breed Originated In A Freezing Land
Solution: Siberian

Question: Dream Gather Bad Dreams
Solution: Catchers

Question: Egyptian Rulers Such As Ramses And Thutmose
Solution: Pharaohs

Question: Epic Space Franchise Created By George Lucas
Solution: Star wars

Question: Exhausted
Solution: Fatigued

Question: It Costs Nothing
Solution: Courtesy

Question: It Signifies One Thousand Units Of Power
Solution: Kilowatt

Question: Item Used To Type Information On A Computer
Solution: Keyboard

Question: Medicine Based On Fraud Or Ignorance
Solution: Quackery

Question: Method Used To Make Patterned Bed Covers
Solution: Quilting

Question: Musical Instrument In The Lute Family
Solution: Mandolin

Question: Paul Wrote Them To The Early Christian Communities
Solution: Epistles

Question: This Sport Can Be Synchronized
Solution: Swimming

Question: Twice Baked Italian Almond Cookies Cantuccini
Solution: Biscotti

Question: You Dont Want To Run Out Of Gas On This Expressway
Solution: Autobahn

Question: Point Deal Breaker In An Agreement
Solution: Sticking

Question: Thats The Way The Cookie
Solution: Crumbles

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