Codycross Planet Earth Group 15 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Dog Is A Mans Best
Solution: Friend

Question: Another Name For Valley
Solution: Hollow

Question: Blackbeards First Name
Solution: Edward

Question: Chess Piece That Can Only Move Diagonally
Solution: Bishop

Question: Fermented Milk To Top Breakfast Cereal Or Curries
Solution: Yogurt

Question: House Library For Egyptian Physicians
Solution: Of life

Question: Kingdom Of Heaven Award Winning Actor Irons
Solution: Jeremy

Question: Made The Sound Of A Donkey
Solution: Brayed

Question: Make Less Polluted
Solution: Purify

Question: Ownership Stake In A Company
Solution: Equity

Question: Robins Love
Solution: Marian

Question: Sagacity Understanding
Solution: Wisdom

Question: Shape With Four Equal Angles And Sides
Solution: Square

Question: Sir Lawrence Alma Artist Of Classical Settings
Solution: Tadema

Question: Someone Who Rides A Boat
Solution: Sailor

Question: Something Shining Bright Clear
Solution: Lucent

Question: State Of Mass Lack Of Food
Solution: Famine

Question: Stephen King Telekinetic Teen Horror Film
Solution: Carrie

Question: Sweet Baked Treat It Often Contains Chocolate Chips
Solution: Cookie

Question: Sweet Baked Treats People May Bring To Work
Solution: Cookie

Question: Take This Instead Of A Bath Its Quicker
Solution: Shower

Question: Took Small Mouthfuls
Solution: Sipped

Question: Kelly Canadian Bride Of Peter Phillips In 2008
Solution: Autumn

Question: Singing Aka Overtone Chanting
Solution: Throat

Question: Space A Family Traveling Across The Universe
Solution: Lost in

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