Codycross Planet Earth Group 14 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: Brief Affairs Or Short Lived Relationships
Solution: Flings

Question: Coarse Grained Metamorphic Rock
Solution: Gneiss

Question: Dark Form That Is Cast From The Light On An Object
Solution: Shadow

Question: George Author Of The Classic 1984
Solution: Orwell

Question: Havaianas Sandals Have Been Made Here Since 1962
Solution: Brazil

Question: In Fantasy He Who Uses Magic And Sorcery
Solution: Wizard

Question: Money Offered For Recovery Of Lost Items
Solution: Reward

Question: Mouth Secretion
Solution: Saliva

Question: Plan Program Design Plot To Follow
Solution: Scheme

Question: Plant Used In Medicines Teas Foods
Solution: Ginger

Question: Protagonist Of The Ballet Swan Lake
Solution: Odette

Question: Q In The Phonetic Alphabet
Solution: Quebec

Question: Quote From Shakespeare Parting Is Such Sweet
Solution: Sorrow

Question: SNL Alumnus Who Took Over The Tonight Show In 2014
Solution: Fallon

Question: Second Largest Planet In The Solar System
Solution: Saturn

Question: Shakespeares King Of The Fairies
Solution: Oberon

Question: The Of ID Comic In A Shabby Medieval Kingdom
Solution: Wizard

Question: Type Of Being Like Bilbo Baggins
Solution: Hobbit

Question: Upper Body Above Abdomen Below The Head
Solution: Thorax

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