Codycross Planet Earth Group 14 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Small Bright Spot On An Object Or Painting
Solution: Highlight

Question: Attorneys Assistant Not Full Lawyer
Solution: Paralegal

Question: Brings All The Boys To The Yard
Solution: Milkshake

Question: Carefully Pouring Wine To Not Disturb Any Sediment
Solution: Decanting

Question: Carefully Transferring Wine
Solution: Decanting

Question: City That Hosts The NASCAR Hall Of Fame
Solution: Charlotte

Question: Eastern European Oil Cooked Fish On Christmas Eve
Solution: Fried carp

Question: Fresh Prince Who Became A Man In Black
Solution: Will smith

Question: Herb Widely Used For Infections And The Flu
Solution: Echinacea

Question: Insect With The Name Of A Young Unmarried Woman
Solution: Damselfly

Question: It Is Used To Keep Rhythm In Aboriginal Chants
Solution: Clapstick

Question: Lord Allegedly Cursed By Tutankhamuns Tomb
Solution: Carnarvon

Question: Marriage Vows For Worse
Solution: For better

Question: Oldest Woman In A Family
Solution: Matriarch

Question: Religion Founded In Jamaica In The 1930s
Solution: Rastafari

Question: Religious Movement Started In Jamaica In The 30s
Solution: Rastafari

Question: Silverware Used For The 1st Dish
Solution: Salad fork

Question: Silverware Used For The First Leafy Dish
Solution: Salad fork

Question: Someone Who Robs Or Steals Goods
Solution: Plunderer

Question: Type Of Snapdragon And Pilgrim Fathers Ship
Solution: Speedwell

Question: Westley In The Princess Bride
Solution: Cary elwes

Question: Oddparents Cartoon About Timmy Turner
Solution: The fairly

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