Codycross Planet Earth Group 14 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Polygon Of Six Angles And Six Sides
Solution: Hexagon

Question: AFAIK Means I Know
Solution: As far as

Question: Another Name For An Okapi Zebra
Solution: Giraffe

Question: As With Books These Should Be Few But Good
Solution: Friends

Question: Bike Rider
Solution: Cyclist

Question: European Avant Garde Art Movement In 20th Century
Solution: Dadaism

Question: Fish In North America Like A Small Shad
Solution: Alewife

Question: Flaming Like Moses Bush
Solution: Burning

Question: Gene Won An Oscar For Unforgiven
Solution: Hackman

Question: Goods Being Moved For Money
Solution: Freight

Question: Half Potato Half Tomato Plant Aka Pomato
Solution: Tomtato

Question: Little Disney Underwater Flick With Ariel
Solution: Mermaid

Question: Liza Minnelli Song From A 1972 Musical
Solution: Cabaret

Question: Natalie Anne Boleyn And Naboo Queen Actress
Solution: Portman

Question: One Object Covers Another Solar Or Lunar
Solution: Eclipse

Question: Pre Videogame Arcade Game With Flippers
Solution: Pinball

Question: Process In Which An Aircraft Becomes Airborne
Solution: Takeoff

Question: Reykjavik Is The Capital Of
Solution: Iceland

Question: They Say The Best Are Grown In Florida
Solution: Oranges

Question: Trees That Appear In Many Monet Paintings
Solution: Poplars

Question: Vanquishes
Solution: Defeats

Question: Written Piece For A Newspaper Or Magazine
Solution: Article

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